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Naraka Chaturdashi/Choti Diwali 2018 Wishes, Images, Quotes & Whatsapp Status

Naraka Chaturdashi / Choti Diwali 2018 Wishes, Images, Quotes & Whatsapp Status: Good Morning and Happy Naraka Chaturdashi 2018 for You and Your Family Choti Diwali (Naraka Chaturdashi) will be celebrated on 6th November 2018 this year.

Naraka Chaturdashi is also called Choti Diwali and Kali Chaudhas. It is said that Hanumanji is also worshiped on this day. It is an illusion that people say that this day is also called the day of Bhoot. On this festival of Choti Diwali, we have brought you Happy Choti Diwali / Naraka Chaturdashi / Kali Chaudas Wishes, Status, Messages & SMS 2018 in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam.

Naraka Chaturdashi/Choti Diwali 2018 Wishes, Images, Quotes & Whatsapp Status

Naraka Chaturdashi wishes in Hindi:

दिवाली नाम है खुशियो का,
उज्जलन का, लक्ष्मी का,
दिवाली आपकी जिंदगी है
खुशियो से भारी हुवी हो आपकी दुनिया,
उज्लो से रोशन हू, घर पर मां
लक्ष्मी का आगमैन हू। Happy Choti Diwali ...!
लक्ष्मी आयेगी इटनी की सब जगह नाम होगा,
दीन रावत व्यापर बाडे इटना विज्ञापन काम होगा,
घर परिवार समाज मुझे बनोग सरताज,
येई कामना है हमरी आप के लिय,
Naraka Chaturdashi की ढरो शुभ कामानाय।
इस नरक चतुर्दशी लाओ,
ज्ञान, धन और जीवन आपके के साथ रहे.
भगवान भरोसेमंद आप के साथ रहे,
और भी, अपने सभी संघर्षों के लिए एक निष्कर्ष व्यक्त करें।
माता लक्ष्मी की कृपा आप पर बनी रहे,
सफल्टा आपको हर बार मिले।
Choti Diwali की मंगल शुभकामनायिन।

Naraka Chadurdashi Wishes in English:

Wishes square measure one thing that may be of nice use once everyone seems to be far from every for numerous varieties of reasons. the explanations could is also skilled and also could also be personal. however, needs to understand no boundaries. Naraka Chaturdashi Wishes, Quotes, Images. If you wishing to wish Choti Diwali needs to your relatives, then produce the most recent needs and send them via social networking sites and another platform so they will be received on the occasion.

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May this Naraka Chaturdashi bring
The pot full of health, wealth and life
May God always be with you
And bring an end to all your strife.
Happy Choti Diwali.
Like Lord Krishna attained victory over Narkasur,
On this Narak Chaturdasi may the Lord bless you,
and you attain victory over all evils. I Wish you Happy Naraka Chaturdasi.
Ganeshji will add to your prosperity
Maa Lakshmiji will bring you a wealth
I pray this Choti Diwali to be
The reason for your good health.
Have a bright day With Naraka Chaturdashi.
Keep smiling and enjoy the bliss
There’s nothing I ask, more than this.
I Wish you a Happy Naraka Chaturdashi.

Choti Diwali / Kali Chaudas Wishes in English:

On nowadays folks conjointly lightweight Diyas and obtain at the side of their family on this pageant. The ingredients needed for puja square measure oil, flowers, Agarbatti, camphor, Diya, sweets, coconut, aarti and thali etc. folks assume that laundry head and applying kajal in their eyes Keeps them aloof from the dangerous sights. The persons related to tantra contemplate that active their mantras on nowadays would increase the ability of their tantras. Here square measure the Chhoti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdashi Wishes, Images, greetings, WhatsApp Status, quotes. Send these to your friends, relatives and expensive ones. Do Check: Happy Diwali Wishes 2018.

Happy Naraka Chaturdashi Wishes Messages for WhatsApp:

You will be blessed with Ganesh
Vidya Mel from Saraswati
Get money from Lakshmi
Glad you met
Love is all
This is the heart
Happy hell Chaturdashi.
Conquering the truth
Celebrate black fourteen
By having faith and faith in mind
Every wish to be fulfilled
Best wishes to hell Chaturdashi.
With lamps, colours of happiness
Let's go Malang, Lech's new
A lot of hell Chaturdashi.

Naraka Chaturdashi Images 2018:

Naraka Chaturdashi Images in Hindi, Choti Diwali Images in Hindi, Kali Chuadas Images in Hindi 2018

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In the post of Naraka Chaturdashi / Choti Diwali 2018 Wishes, Images, Quotes & Whatsapp Status, we have shared with you Naraka Chaturdashi Wishes Quotes Hindi and Naraka Chaturdashi Images 2018 with you. And do not forget to share this post on WhatsApp and Facebook.

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